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Does this sound a little familiar?

At one time or another you may have thought about going to see someone.... a hypnotherapist, a coach or a counsellor, to help you to cope or change your life situation or to get over a difficult time, yet you have stopped yourself......


Maybe you thought that you could do it on your own or your problem or issue wasn't "big" enough, or you became so busy in your life and caught up with work and/or looking after others that you didn't take the time to look after yourself.... once again.

So, much like taking the time to have your car serviced to keep it running smoothly, take the time to visit a professional who can help your life to run more smoothly and to achieve what you want and need.

Seeing one of our friendly, easy going staff at Clear Mind Direction simply means you will be talking to a professional with skills and experience that you can add to your own. It will enable you to move ahead with a new perspective on your situation. All in the care of a husband and wife team who can cater to your specific needs.

Joe is highly trained in a variety of therapies including Hypnotherapy, NLP and Solution Focused counselling. He combines these with his humorous approach. Jayne is a friendly, highly trained counsellor whose warmth and down to earth style make her easy to talk to.

Both Joe and Jayne can teach you new strategies and tools to improve your life situation and well being and have you looking and going forward towards a positive future.

We are located in Kellyville, in the leafy Hills District in Sydney, not far from Castle Hill. We suggest that when you call to book your consultation, you may choose to tell us how we can help you best, so you can be pointed towards the right therapist for your specific needs.

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