I'd tried to give up smoking once before but I started again.

After seeing Joe I stopped, this time for good.


I saw Joe for coaching and mentoring for my career.

I've now had two promotions and I'm moving up.

I feel more successful and in control.


I had been seeing Joe for therapy before I had to move overseas.

Now I do all my sessions by Skype from USA.

It's so convenient and I still get to work with Joe!


Seeing Jayne for counselling meant that I had someone to talk to.

She was warm and understanding and I really felt like I was being heard.

Soon I was seeing things differently and I was getting results.


My teenage daughter and I had been having some issues.

I saw Jayne a few times on my own then my daughter also saw Jayne a few times on her own.

The results have been amazing.


My gambling had been getting more out of control and my wife was going to take the children and move out.

Then I saw Joe.

No more gambling. I feel so good about the future.


When I came to see Joe I had seen so many doctors.

They told me I had depression.

Working with Joe I broke the cycle and process of 'being depressed'.

I am no longer anxious.


I had struggled with insomnia for a long time.

Nothing seemed to help.

I came to see Joe and he showed me different ways to not only get rid of the insomnia but also to relieve stress and anxiety in my life.


My husband and I were having difficulties in our marriage.

Having couples counselling with Jayne was really different and effective.

She saw us both separately where we learnt strategies to help our relationship and also could work on ourselves.

It was great to be able to talk to Jayne freely.

Mrs B

Using a drug like cocaine all the time is not only very expensive, it affects your whole life.

My wife and kids had had enough and wanted to leave me.

Then I saw Joe.

I couldn't believe how quickly and easily he took away the need to use cocaine and he also worked on other issues in my life.

I feel like I am a new person, husband and father.


I have been seeing Joe for therapy and coaching. I have learned so much about myself and how to tackle my problems, so much more than I could ever believe.


When I came to visit Joe I was sceptical about doing things like therapy, even more about doing coaching but I has heard about him and his style of fixing problems or issues, fast. It was all true! Great results.

Mr Z

My first encounter with Jayne for counselling was on the phone when I called to make an appointment. I was very upset, crying, an emotional mess. Jayne calmed me down by talking to me and gave me a sense of being OK just from the phone call. She was even more caring and wonderful in our therapy session that followed.



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